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Google’s Artificial Intelligence Robot: Med-PaLM’s Medical Knowledge

Google's Artificial Intelligence Robot: Med-PaLM's Medical Knowledge

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DeepMind, Google’s artificial intelligence company, promotes itself as a team of scientists, engineers, engineers, ethicists and more dedicated to solving intelligence to advance science and benefit humanity. The company developed an AI-based chatbot (Med-PaLM) specializing in medicine. Doctors who then asked the robot questions determined that 92.6 percent of the answers were correct. The doctors asked the same questions to their colleagues. Their answers were also 92.9 percent satisfactory. The percentage of harmful advice from Med-PaLM was the same as the percentage of potentially harmful advice provided by real doctors.


In the article titled “Large Language Models Encode Clinical Knowledge”, it was founding that the margin of error of the Med-PaLM robot was almost the same as that of doctors.


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