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Seriously, What Does Metaverse Mean?


To help you understand how confusing and complex the term “metaverse” can be, here’s an exercise: replace “metaverse” with “cyberspace” in your mind . Ninety percent of the time, the meaning doesn’t change significantly. That’s because the term doesn’t actually refer to a specific type of technology, but to a broad (and often speculative) change in the way you interact with technology. And it’s entirely possible that the term itself will eventually become obsolete, even as the specific technology it once described becomes mainstream.

In general, the technologies that companies refer to when they refer to “metauniverses” can include virtual reality – characterized by persistent virtual worlds that exist even when you’re not playing – as well as augmented reality, which is combined aspects of the digital and physical world. However, this does not require these spaces to be entered exclusively via VR or AR. Virtual worlds such as B. Aspects of Fortnite that can be accessed via PCs, gaming consoles, and even
phones have been dubbed the “Metaverse”.

Many companies that set the Metaverse in motion also feature something of a new digital economy where users can create, buy, and sell goods. In an idealistic perspective, the metaverse is interoperable, allowing virtual objects such as clothing or cars to be moved from one platform to another, although this is more difficult than it sounds.

While some proponents claim that new technologies such as NFT can enable wearable digital assets, this is simply not true, and moving objects from one video game or virtual world to another is an extremely complex task, unachievable by any agency can be solved. It’s hard to understand what all of this means, because when you hear descriptions like the ones above, the understandable reaction is, “Wait, doesn’t it already exist?” For example, World of Warcraft is a persistent virtual world where players buy and sell goods. Fortnite features virtual experiences like concerts and an exhibit where Rick Sanchez can learn more about MLK Jr. You can put on your Oculus headset and be in your virtual home.

Does that really mean “metauniverse”? Just some new types of video games?

Well, yes and no. Saying that Fortnite is a “metauniverse” would be like saying that Google is “the internet”. Even if you spend a lot of time in Fortnite socializing, shopping, learning, and playing, that doesn’t necessarily mean it covers the full breadth of what people and businesses think of as the “metauniverse.” “.

“Just like Google, building parts of the internet, from physical data centers to layers of security, it’s not the whole internet.

Tech giants like Microsoft and Meta are working on developing technologies to interact with virtual ones Worlds, but not only them, many other large companies including Nvidia, Unity, Roblox and even Snap – as well as many small companies and start-ups – are building infrastructure to create better virtual worlds that better mimic our physical lives.

For example, Epic has acquired many companies that help create or distribute digital assets, in part to bolster its powerful Unreal Engine 5 platform. And while Unreal is a video game platform, it’s also used in the film industry and can enable anyone to easily create virtual experiences. There are tangible and exciting advances in building digital worlds.

Nevertheless, the idea of ​​a single unified place similar to Ready Player One called ” Metauniverse” is still largely impossible. In part because such a world forces companies to collaborate in ways that simply aren’t viable or desirable – Fortnite doesn’t have much incentive to give players a portal directly into World of Warcraft, even if that were easy. , for example, and partly because the raw computing power required for such a concept can be much broader than we think.

This inconvenient fact has led to a slightly different terminology. Today, many companies or proponents refer to any game or platform as a “Metaverse.” By this definition, anything from a VR concert app to a video game would be considered a “metaverse.” Some go further by calling a collection of multiple metauniverses a “multiverse metauniverse”.

Or those words could mean anything. Coca-Cola introduced a “flavor born in the Metaverse” with a related Fortnite mini-game. There are no rules.

Why does the metaverse contain holograms?

When the internet appeared, it began with a series of technological innovations, such as the ability of computers to communicate over long distances or the ability to create hyperlinks from one web page to another.

These technical properties were then used to create the abstract structures that we know the internet is made of: websites, apps, social media, and anything built on these building blocks. Not to mention the convergence of interface innovations that aren’t necessarily part of the Internet but are nonetheless essential to its functioning, such as displays, keyboards, mice, and touchscreens.

There are several new building blocks with the Metaverse, such as: like the ability to host hundreds of people on a single server instance (an idealistic projection by the Metaverse reckons that number will grow to thousands or even millions of people at once, but that might be overly optimistic) or traffic-tracking tools able to distinguish where a person is looking or where their hands are. These new technologies can be very exciting and seem futuristic.

However, there are limitations that are sometimes impossible to overcome.

When tech companies like Microsoft or Meta show fictional videos of their future visions, they often overlook how humans will interact with the Metaverse.


10 Creative Things You Can Do in the Metaverse

Imagine a virtual world where you can live, work, shop and communicate with others, all from the comfort of your couch in the physical world. Welcome to the Metaverse.

While still experimental and few platforms available for mainstream use, the Metaverse’s unified virtual environment promises limitless opportunities for work, play, socialize, and generate income. That’s right, the sci-fi movies we’ve seen are coming true, and like most fans of
technology, you’re probably excited to see what the future holds. Here are our top 10 most creative things to do in the Metaverse.

Express yourself with avatars

Realms of science fiction, but in the metaverse, avatars are customizable characters that can represent you on multiple platforms in the metaverse. You can change hair color, body type, accessories, gender, and even appear as a fictional character in the metaverse. Is it nice?

There is also an argument for avatars to minimize initial attitude distortions.


The Metaverse connects people with common interests, avoiding the impersonal webcam view used by Teams and Zoom where true participation is limited.

Whether you’re learning a language, developing your communication skills, or mastering a new skill, the Metaverse can completely transform the way you learn, practice, and perform.

Not only that, there are ways to learn more about the Metaverse. That’s why hundo created Campus, our platform for young people to learn and develop skills in web3 fields.

Buying Real Estate Selling real estate is one of the most common uses of the Metaverse, and individuals and companies aspire to pioneer this space.

Metaverse platforms are divided into blocks of Properties, so-called lots, which can be obtained with a specific cryptocurrency token in the area. Once you’ve bought a property you can sell it for a higher price or rent it out to a VR developer or event planner for a profit.

Consume and create art

Art Gallery, it has great ones Opportunities for things to do in the Metaverse and gives you the opportunity to view and create art.

Art in the Metaverse was designed to fill the void of some art forms being unavailable.

The digital arts sub-sector is in high demand as there is already a lot of interest in digital artists and NFTs. It is therefore reasonable to assume that this will continue in the Metaverse.

Playing Games

Online multiplayer games that allow for virtual interaction have been around for years, but popular games are taking over the Metaverse in Roblox and Fortnite .

VR gaming is one of the primary use cases for the Metaverse and perhaps what the was originally intended for. For example, Sandbox is a collection of games that have gradually matured into a major Metaverse platform.

You no longer play games for entertainment, you also engage in “games to win” activities.

Buying, Trading, and SellingThe metaverse allows people to objects in a way that cannot be achieved through e-commerce or online shopping sites. For example, your avatar can visit a virtual store, browse the aisles, try on clothes or shoes, and pay directly in Bitcoin. You can purchase virtual items for your avatars or initiate a transaction in the real world and the
product will be delivered at a later date.


Working from home is becoming more and more popular these days is a blessing to some and a blessing to others on the contrary.

One of the ideas of the Metaverse is to fill that gap and make it everyone’s dream.

The Metaverse is a zero-zoom zone because it’s pretty much useless. In the Metaverse you don’t have to pretend to watch your colleagues on the screen, because the virtual world allows everyone to participate in the digital office.

From there you can meet colleagues: workers, chat, work on projects and simply hold meetings. It will be one of the most inclusive and accessible workplaces ever.

Meeting FriendsCurrently

there are differing ideas as to what the main purpose and function of the metaverse should be. However, the most popular and prevailing idea is social interaction, which makes spending time with family and friends one of the most important activities.

From couching with loved ones to chatting in a digital coffee shop with friends, a virtual connection has never been so real. You can also enjoy live music performances and enjoy performances wherever you are in real life.

Visit Other Worlds

Holidays can be spent in the real world, so why not in the virtual world ?

This is probably one of the most exciting things to do in the metaverse. Big tech companies like Facebook, Microsoft and others are ready to work together to create a world where transportation is possible. The concept behind the Metaverse is that you can easily change our locations without worrying about bandwidth or latency issues.

Go to concerts, trade shows and educational events

Do you enjoy going to shows and concerts? virtual reality properties in the metaverse can be used to host all types of events, from music concerts and social gatherings to corporate events and educational events.

The events of the Metaverse have the potential to reach a much wider audience while maintaining the authenticity and intimacy of the interactions. Most platforms publish a monthly schedule of their activities in advance.

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