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TSMC: Increasing Strength in the Chip Industry

TSMC: Increasing Strength in the Chip Industry

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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has a dominant position as a manufacturer of advanced chips used in many technological devices, from mobile phones to fighter jets. However, the company is being sanctioned by the Chinese government. 


TSMC has started mass production of chips with long-awaited 3 nanometre technology. “TSMC maintains its technology leadership while making significant investments in Taiwan and continues to invest and develop with the environment,” TSMC Chairman Mark Liu said at a ceremony celebrating production and capacity expansion in the southern city of Tainan. Liu also said that demand for the company’s 3-nanometre chip is in a “very strong” state, driven by new technologies such as 5G and high-performance computing products.


TSMC’s investments in different countries continue. The company, which is among the largest foreign investments in US history, announced that it will more than triple its planned investment in the new Arizona factory to $ 40 billion. The company is building a chip factory in Japan and is also reviewing production in Germany. 


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