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Turkish Airlines: How Did It Become Turkish Hairlines?

Turkish Airlines: How Did It Become Turkish Hairlines?

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Turkish airlines started a big change in health tourism.Although baldness suits some men, no one wants to be bald. With the development of technology, baldness is becoming history for those who have money. 


In 2022, if you flew abroad from Turkey, you would have seen many people with hair bands around you. Because in 2022, around 1 million people came to Turkey for hair transplantation due to quality service and affordable prices. For this reason, “Turkish Hairlines” jokes started to be made instead of Turkish Airlines.


Dr Servet Terziler, President of the Turkish Health Tourism Association (TÜSATDER), stated that Turkish health tourism was very successful in 2022 and announced that a service export of 4 billion dollars was made in general hospital services. He stated that half of the $ 4 billion turnover obtained in 2022 was obtained from hair transplantation services. He noted that approximately 1 million people came to Turkey for hair transplantation in 2022.


Tailors stated that European tourists also showed a serious interest in spa tourism. In addition, they explained that with the income obtained from spa tourism, a figure exceeding 10 billion dollars has been reached.


Stating that hair transplantation is in the locomotive position in general health services, Tailors made the following statements:

“Dental services are also becoming widespread. We see that dental clinics are opened in many points of Turkey. If we can increase the quality of service, the health tourism sector will grow much more. The target of the health tourism sector in Turkey in 2023 is 5 billion dollars.” 


If you are bald and have some money, come to Turkey. Do not return to your country without visiting Turkey. You will agree with us.


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